Growing Our Footprint

December 20' Update

What’s happened?

This past month we installed Conversful on two new sites: aBlogtoWatch and ChrisTitusTech. Both of these were soft launches - dipping our toes into how the product should be used on these very different sites. Both launches went well, each having small groups come together and chat for the better part of an hour. Here’s a snippet from the first chat on aBlogtoWatch.

This past month has been very busy on BackRe(action) where 11 chats took place and 1,746 messages were exchanged in total. We experimented with new times and days, but remained consistent with hosting chats each week. This proved fruitful as engagement has ticked up week-to-week and a true community has begun to form. We’ve witnessed people greeting one another, learning where they are from and even teaching each other how to use Conversful.

What’s next?

On a macro-level, Conversful is growing up from “building a cool product” to “building a business”. We’re not there quite yet, but with continued feedback from the market indicating that what we are doing is valuable and unique, we are hopeful in achieving that goal early next year.

Step 1: Launch on more sites. Doing this will speed everything up. It allows us to learn at a much faster rate and validate our product in a variation of environments. To accomplish this, we are leveling up our outreach efforts to better target websites that we believe would be a great fir for our product and sending them communication that gets our foot in the door. We have an internal goal to be on 10 sites by the end of January.

Step 2: Grow the ROI for sites that have already installed Conversful. To accomplish this, we have to embed Conversful into the routine of publishers & their readers. Right now we frequently hear that the overhead to set up, promote and host chats is too much effort. In response, one of our biggest investments right now is to move out from the bottom right corner of the site to the main article pages themselves.

With this move, we aim to significantly increase the value that we provide publishers through greater engagement in chats, while simultaneously decreasing the effort required to set up those chats. The near-term workflow will look something like this:

  1. Publishers post new content & set up an associating chat.

  2. Conversful promotes, captures interest and facilitates the chat, while also converting onsite foot traffic to grow chat turnout.

All of this builds on what we already know to work: people show up when the topic is specific and when it’s tied into what they are already reading. Since Conversful is a brand new product and has no predecessors, it’s up to us to lead clients in how to successfully achieve our mutual goals. Using what we know to work as our template, we are hopeful in sharing our success with many more sites to come.

As always, you can reply to this email and it will go directly to me (Ben).